Related Families

These pages were started as an attempt to put down electronically, the overview of the families that are somehow related to our family. As it grows, whatever information we have on new additions to the family, by marriage or by birth, will be added as information becomes available or as time permits. There are gaps, and possibly a few errors have crept in, as well. Anyone who finds something that should be added or corrected is encouraged to send an email to Bill Schmitt and let me know the correct information and I'll try to get it in.

This list was put together primarily from memory and will change over time. So far, an incomplete list of the s which I expect to be listed are:

Most of the information on living people will omit things like current addresses, ages, etc. If you've stumbled across this site and believe you should be in the list or would like to reach out to someone who is, send me an email and I'll try to ascertain whether to person other person is also interested. Note that we have no current contact information for many of these names (for example, in the Frey family)

There are pictures of a lot of people which will be added over time and some graphics of the relationships will also be added over time. In other words, this is all a work in process.

Contact: Bill Schmitt

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