Yesterday, while we were at the school working on the project, a small boy came by. Actually, he was hiding behind one of the bushes watching us until we told him that we could see his legs under the bush. Once he came out, he was very talkative.

It was very interesting. He told us that he thought the first graders would really enjoy the new playset and that he knew that because he used to be a first grader at the school and that the first grade playground was the only one at the school that had nothing to play on. That, of course, was what Will remembered from when he was at the school and a reason he chose to do this particular project. I told the boy that and that it Will’s Eagle Project.

That got him talking about how he was a Cub Scout and how he would like to do a project like that when he became a Boy Scout. It turned out he was in Pack 60, which is where Will started before switching to Pack 65 and then moving up to Boy Scouts. If he stays with it, he’ll end up in the same troop as Will (60 doesn’t have a troop). That would be after Will is too old to remain in the troop as a Scout, but another interesting set of coincidences.

After a while, he was joined by another kid about the same age, who was also a Cub Scout, and a little girl named Emily who was one of their sisters (I didn’t get which) and about the right age to be in First Grade. The second boy had much the same comments as the first. The little girl really wanted to play on the playset, but when she approached we had to tell her that she had to wait because the EPL was wet and it needed to pass inspection first. She turned away, but was clearly very disappointed. All three of them were looking forward to playing on it.

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