A number of years ago, someone asked just how a man we knew as “Father Michael” was related to the family. At the time, nobody was quite sure. All we knew was that he was from the Schmitt side of the family, had lived in a Franciscan monastery in Yonkers since he was a child, and when the monastery opened up, my grandfather was the only relative that they could find. Over time, we figured out a little more, which I’ll probably detail in a later posting, but I realized how little we knew about some parts of the family.

I looked around for options to keep the information, tried a few shareware titles (even licensed one before finding out it crashed after the number of generations increased too much), and eventually settled on Family Tree Maker. It was independently owned at the time, and my recollection is that I started on version 4, so it’s been a while. Since then, we’ve gone in fits and bursts, working on it for days, weeks, or a few months at a time, then moving on to whatever I’ve neglected in the interim, then coming back after some discussion or another which got people thinking and asking questions again.

Recently, I decided it was time to start putting together this blog of information about whatever process I’ve gone through, information I’ve found, and anything else that might be helpful in making this information available to my family and anyone else who might be related (known or otherwise). I expect that posts will be along the same lines, in bursts with gaps, and that initially, I’ll try to think back to how I got whatever information I might have and put it down. We’ll see where it heads and hopefully it will make some kind of sense.

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