The Gross family connected to the Schmitt family back in the mid 1800’s. My great-great grandfather’s sister, whose name was Anna (though one census form inexplicably calls her Eliza — possibly from a middle name), married a man named Frank Gross, probably before they arrived in the United States in 1853 from Hessen Darnstadt in what was later to become Germany. My great-great grandfather, Stephen, also lists Hessen Darnstadt as his birthplace on several documents.

Rootsweb has a mailing list for the Gross family, which I joined some time ago to see if anything came through on the name. Most of the family seems (unscientific observation) to have headed for the south. Last week, a woman named Althena Butterfield issued an invitation on that list to join a new website covering the Gross family and other relations. I traded a few messages with her and joined the site. Maybe we’ll get lucky?

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