Yesterday, I posted a picture of the four people who spent the most time working on the set for the Oxford High School production of Oliver! Here are some more pictures of the set itself. Not as exciting as the production, I suppose, but I took these before the actors arrived for the evenings rehearsal.

Most of the lumber for this was donated, the “brick” walls are actually a honeycombed type of cardboard, and the backdrop was painted over at Center School. The basic structure of the landing off to stage left was actually built during a full day of work by Frank Samuelson, the principal, who came in on a day off.

It’s the first performance in the new auditorium of the new high school. Some issues with the lights were finally resolved yesterday, the lack of an orchestra pit was addressed by the orchestra sitting on a platform where the front two rows should normally be on the right of the auditorium (crazy cuts in the building budget, in my opinion), and some interesting issues with some of the stage equipment (one lift mechanism for the lights was wired backwards, leaving them hanging over the sets for one of the rehearsals for a day), and the show should be going on tomorrow!

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