Oliver! opened Friday night to a good crowd, with a line that was long enough to delay the opening. I sat backstage Friday and Saturday as the stage construction group took turns sitting out front with the families on various days. There were minor breakages to fix and tuning to do, but mostly we just sat, listened, and tried to stay out of the way of the kids changing the scenery and props. Today, my Dad came as well as my sister-in-law and her son, and we all sat in the audience.

It was a lot of fun, getting to see the kids working towards the performance and getting it done. It was also great to see the first official performance of any kind at the new high school and know that we played a small role. The kids did a great job, and we heard a lot of comments saying how much better it was than the average high school play. Tom Surat, who directed it, did a great job in bringing out the best in the kids.

It was great for the town, too, in my opinion. With all the battles and work to get a high school built, people can finally see the promise fulfilled. A lot of people came who didn’t have kids in the school. Father Dom and some of the sisters from St. Thomas were there on Friday. We saw our new First Selectman and Selectman, Maryann Drayton-Rogers and Dave McKane today.

The matinee today was the last performance. A couple of days rest, and the sets come down. They’re looking around to see if anyone else can use them. We hope so. It’d be a shame to see all work go unused again.

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