Captain Thomas BriertonLast week, I received a surprise email from a relative I didn’t even know I had. It seems that the family of one of my grandmother’s half-uncles, Thomas (1874-1921) had relocated from Brooklyn to the Niagara Falls area at some point. The family there had found my Brierton family tree online and was thrilled to find the picture of Thomas. We’re still in the process of filling in the blanks, but it’s a part of the family that I had no information at all about. Thomas had a daughter named Alice, about whom I had no other information other than that she was born about 1908. The last information I had on her was that she was still living with her mother in 1930 (the last year that census information was available in which I could locate her). From that point, the trail disappeared. Now that they’ve found themselves on our tree and connected that part of the family, there’s another whole line of information that’s opened up. Isn’t the internet wonderful?!! It isn’t the first time, and hopefully not the last, that people have found us this way.

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  1. Aurelie M. Duffin(neeBrierton) says:

    Iam the grand daughter of Thomas and the daughter of James J. Brierton. Thomas had 4 children, Catherine (died at 21) Francis (died at 57) James (died at 57) and Alice died 17 years ago. Their was another son but I can’t remember his name but remembet his wife Alice. Frank married Dorothy and had 4 children Frank Thomas Edmund and Dorothy McAvey she is living in Fla the others are deceased. Alice had 4 children Maryann Bill John and Katy Bill is deceased. James had 2 daughters Joan McColgan deceased she had 9 children and me Aurelie Duffin who has 5 daughters. I live in Montauk now after retiring and I am 71. My husband died in ‘85 and my mother Ethel 3 months later. I remember your family not so much the children except Harry who I believed was killed in the war who was a pilot. We went to your home when you lived by the El train and this was a cause of a family split as Marguerite had been given the deed to the Brierton Family plot in Holy Cross and kept it. My Father was then buried with his stepmother as was my mother and sister. I believe Thomas’ first wife was buried in the family plot having died in child birth. Thomas had several brothers that I remember Sylvester, Robert I knew these two as a child. Sylvester lived in LI and Rob in Bklyn. and a sister Kitty who also lived in Bklyn her last name was Cleary (Cleary casket co.) she had a son Dan dont know anyothers tho. Rob had two daughters. I will try to remember more but right now I had to stop as I had surgery yesterday and am not feeling up to par.

  2. Aurelie M. Duffin(neeBrierton) says:

    I need to correct your statement about Thomas - he was a Battlion Chief in the NYC fire department and died doing his job at the age of 47. He lived in what was know as the “Red Hook” section of Brooklyn and raised his family there. The move to Niagara Falls was by his daughter Alice when she married William Blake Sr. Thomas is buried in Brooklyn. The family tree was found I believe by my cousin John Blake from Treasure Island NY up near Niagara. I was told of you site by his sister Katy as was my cousin Dorothy McAvey too. I tried to give you as much as I could remember today and will contact Dot to find out if she has more for you. You might be interested to know that one of Frank’s sons is named James J. Brierton and is a police officer as was my dad who died in 1962. This young man has been written up in the newspapers several times - he is the son of Edmund.

  3. Frank Brierton says:

    Hi there! My name is Frank Brierton, originally from Liverpool, came out to New Zealand in 1963. I corresponded with Dorothy back in the mid-70s. She gave me some info about her Brierton family tree and some copies of newspaper clippings. I was trying to find a family connection with my family roots that go back to Ireland. Please contact me and I’ll dig out the old letters and info that will be tucked away with other family tree info in my old filing cabinet.

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