Well, it appears that my son, Will, is almost done. Earlier this week, I wrote my own personal recommendation for him and others are coming. Writing it was a lot harder than I expected. It’s difficult to write about your own child without just sounding like a parent. Beyond that, he seems to have all his merit badges and paperwork in order. He brings it to a Troop meeting next week, and then to the Council at the end of the month for the Board of Review. If they approve all of his prerequisites and the completion of his project, the package goes on to National Headquarters for final approval. It’s amazing. Not counting all the advancements before this, but counting the process of determining just what he wanted to propose for his project and working out what the logistics would be, he’s been on this for well over a year. It’s nice to see that kind of commitment. Hopefully, he’s nearing the end of that road.

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