Last night, Will had his Board of Review with the Council. It went off well, and the board told him that he was one of the most prepared candidates they had seen. Congratulations were passed all around, and it’s now down to the paperwork being submitted to the National Headquarters.

It was a long process, and one that he should be proud of. The thing about becoming an Eagle Scout is that it is an accomplishment that a scout does on his own. Parents may do a little nudging from time to time, but the entire process is driven by the candidate himself. It’s not our accomplishment, it’s his.

At the end of the review, one of the men who sat on the board who had attained Eagle himself told him that he takes the process very seriously, and was extremely pleased to welcome him to the ranks of Eagle Scouts. He also said that Eagle is the one rank in scouting that doesn’t go away when you reach the maximum age to be a youth member of the Boy Scouts. Once a person becomes an Eagle Scout, they are always an Eagle Scout.

It’s a tremendous accomplishment, and one that he will carry with him throughout his life. And he earned it himself.

One Response to “A New Eagle Scout”

  1. KC Madden says:


    Congratulations on passing your Eagle Board of Review. My son is an Eagle and my Grandson is a Life Scout with Eagles in his eyes and heart. I never met an Eagle I didn’t like. Glad to hear theres one more on the way!

    KC Madden