Will received a congratulations letter from Governor Jodi Rell the other day. She’s designated this Saturday (April 5) as William Joseph Schmitt Day in the State of Connecticut. Nice touch.

So far, he’s received congratulations letters from a number of other folks, as well, including Representative Shays, Senator Dodd, Barack Obama, George and Laura Bush and others (even the New York Jets). In a sense, these are political/PR, but I think they also indicate the level of accomplishment that is represented by the Eagle Award. With all the craziness in the world, these letters are recognizing the confidence we have in these boys as they become men. The hard work these boys do to reach this goal should be recognized. Whether people can all agree with the individual rules and restrictions that the Boy Scouts embrace, the overall goal of the program is still to turn good kids into good men. We need more of those, and William Joseph Schmitt Day recognizes the importance of that.

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