Tonight is my oldest son’s Junior Prom. Proms are rites of passage that have somehow managed to get out of control at some schools to the point of cancellation. That’s too bad.

I went to Chaminade from 69 to 73. I didn’t meet the girl I took to the Junior Prom until April, with the prom in May. I was technically too late, but they sold me the ticket anyway. All the good tuxes were gone, but I wore a brown, western style, tux that met my minimal expectations I remember it had brown velvet lapels on the jacket, but a brown satin stripe on the pants. I guess I was really late.

I think John Hutter’s band (Odyssey?) provided the music. John was in my grammar school class, which is why I remember him in particular. John, if you ever do see this, you were good

My recollection is that I sat with Tom Hajny and Jim Rivas.

Her gown was from a cousin’s wedding. I think we had the color of the shirt match something on it, but I don’t remember. I know it was critical for later proms, but this was so last minute.

The prom was held under a big parachute stretched across the main school gym. In NY, you can’t get a license until you’re 17 if you live in certain areas, so Dad drove us and we sat in the back. In hindsight, I hated being driven around, but it was manageable.

It was 36 years ago that I went to that first prom. I hope my son has as good and safe a time as I did.

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