The following was written by my cousin, Karen Hurley. It speaks so well to my own sentiments I had to pass it on (with permission).

I never expected Obama to be a secular messiah. I’m proud that he broke a historic barrier, but my vote for him was and is not due to his race. I sure am voting against Romney because of race, because MR never stood up against the racism festering in his base. MR never said, “Don’t vote for me because you’re uncomfortable with a black person having authority, or harbor negative stereotypes about people of color – vote for me because you agree with my ideas.” Instead, he lets pundits drop ill-disguised code words designed to surreptitiously stimulate racial fears while he smiles and waves, hoping to benefit from hatred at the polls even as he denies its existence. If a man is willing to let an entire people slip under the bus (oh, and let’s add women who have suffered rape while we’re at it, and LGBT folks and…), don’t fool yourself that he won’t do it to you. After all, look at what he did for a living – strip-mining the assets out of companies and reselling them, upending lives in the process. Don’t think that identifying with a big dog will protect you from what the big dogs are up to in your own yard – digging up our banks, healthcare system, real estate, and industries for cash - cash that will *not* trickle down back to you. As Romney himself has shown (in the limited returns he was forced to release), that cash will then sit offshore in a tax shelter, enriching a few, and creating jobs for no one. That Obama achieved anything at all (and he did achieve quite a bit) is a miracle in the face the all-out, intransigent “War of No” waged by Republican congress members, in which even minor, perfectly reasonable laws and mid-level nominations were blocked with the express purpose of denying Obama the possibility of receiving credit for anything. Republican Congress members put “make Obama a one-term president” ahead of the recovery, and the Republican presidential nominee wants you to blame Obama for that. And what are we recovering from? My favorite sign at the 2003 protests against Bush’s invasion of Iraq was, “Drunken frat boy borrows his Daddy’s car and drives it into a ditch.” Came true, didn’t it? In his first term, Obama has gotten the car mostly out of the ditch; now we need to secure the car and fill in the hole so it won’t happen again. Voting for four more years.

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