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The first in what will probably be a series of posts detailing my complaints about the software, etc., that gets installed on my computers.

This one concerns “fast starters”. Microsoft likes to add them to Office. Adobe includes one with its Reader. Even OpenOffice has a variation. First, what makes them assume that I run their software every day? I turn my machine off most nights. I don’t want to slow down my machine’s start every morning just because they assume I might need their stuff. Maybe a better idea would be for these folks who are good enough to right “commercial grade software” to WRITE TIGHTER CODE in the first place instead of making me go get coffee while they abuse my computer’s memory and resources! One partial solution to this problem is a program I don’t mind starting everday: WinPatrol by BillP Studios. Probably the best thing I’ve ever installed on my computer because it tells me when something is trying to embed itself into one of that endless number of places that Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom, allows places to autostart from and allows me to say no. It’s at