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Captain Thomas BriertonLast week, I received a surprise email from a relative I didn’t even know I had. It seems that the family of one of my grandmother’s half-uncles, Thomas (1874-1921) had relocated from Brooklyn to the Niagara Falls area at some point. The family there had found my Brierton family tree online and was thrilled to find the picture of Thomas. We’re still in the process of filling in the blanks, but it’s a part of the family that I had no information at all about. Thomas had a daughter named Alice, about whom I had no other information other than that she was born about 1908. The last information I had on her was that she was still living with her mother in 1930 (the last year that census information was available in which I could locate her). From that point, the trail disappeared. Now that they’ve found themselves on our tree and connected that part of the family, there’s another whole line of information that’s opened up. Isn’t the internet wonderful?!! It isn’t the first time, and hopefully not the last, that people have found us this way.