The Oxford Board of Education is out of control! They voided the superintendent’s contract for undisclosed reasons (citing inexplicable attorney client privilege) and have now informed Dr. Palmer that there will be a review on June 30th based on criteria that have yet to be determined. A review should have happened in April according to the contract in full force at the time. This process was determined at meetings of the last board and discussed at meetings of the current board, all of which chair McKinnon was (or should have been) in attendance. Simply put, she dropped the ball.

At the June 10, 2010 meeting, with characteristic megalomania and intimidating glares, McKinnon exhibited her unprofessional temper on inconsequential minutia. She continues to conduct secret email meetings on official Board business, illustrated by her announcement of straw poll results of the preferences of a majority of Board members regarding a document that has not yet come to a public meeting. Knowing that the BOE is projecting a deficit (still not brought to the Board of Finance unless in other secret meetings). McKinnon unilaterally spent additional taxpayers money contacting the Board attorney at 10pm to discuss Statute/contract wording regarding a review that was required weeks ago (60-90 days before June 30). BOE money is intended for education, not adding legal fees to a known deficit on McKinnon’s unauthorized whim. No motion exists giving her unilateral authority to spend money except for emergencies, but all BOE members will be personally responsible for a deficit. Perhaps she intends to cover this spending from her own pocket?

Dr. Palmer continues to act in a professional manner, politely answering questions keeping our educational system on track as the Board of Education gives mixed signals about the status of her employment.

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    How sad….

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