Eagle Project Day 5 (Day 2 with Volunteers)Early in the morning, at about 9am, the 6.5 tons of gravel arrived. With a handful of workers we were able to spread all the gravel rather evenly after about an hour to an hour and a half. Just as we had finished spreading the gravel, the wood chips arrived right on cue and dumped the 10 cubic yards of mulch in two huge piles. While this is all happening, posts are prepared and the other beam for the larger, shorter platform is installed. As more workers arrive we finish the main frame of the platform and break for lunch. After a well-balanced lunch of pizza and soda, the decking is installed on the larger platform, the tire climber is assembled, and the posts/beam are installed for the adjacent platform. Soon all the decking is on the higher platform and the platforms are all braced. The tire-climber is attached to the structure, and things are touched up. A lot has been done, but there is much more waiting to be done tomorrow. The railings, ladder, and climbing wall all have to be assembled and installed.

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