Eagle Project Day 6 (Day 3 with Volunteers)

This is the third work-day where we have had volunteers in. We started around 9am with people actually arriving at about 9:15am. We provided donuts and coffee for the workers to eat and drink with of course the full cooler of water bottles. The day went pretty well with most of the railings going up, the ladder being installed, and a few other supporting braces being installed. We also added a couple extra support posts to give the platform the extra strength it should have. In between all this we stopped for a delicious lunch comprised of TACO BELL tacos and burritos. We ended early with the two predicaments of needing extra hardware for the rail kits and the fact that all the screw guns’ batteries had died and none would charge quickly enough. The tasks left to do include: completing the last two sections of railing, bolting the railing posts in their permanent place, assembling the climbing wall, and installing the steering wheel.

2 Responses to “Work Day 3 - Sept. 9, 2007”

  1. Judy Palmer says:

    Dear Will,
    I am so pleased with the progress you have made for your Eagle Scout Project. I am thrilled that our young students will benefit from your expertise and hard work.

    Thank you for devoting your time to this valuable project. It will have lasting effects on our students’ recreation time.

    Judy Palmer

  2. Kirsten + Matt says:

    hey will,
    matt was there this day…he said u got really far amd it looks alot better than it did before you started building
    good job,
    Kirsten + Matt