Digging for FootingsAfter all the approvals and go-aheads, the project finally broke ground on August 24, 2007 at about 8:30am. Oxford Public Works helped with the excavation where about 10 tons of fill was trucked from the site. We hit a bit of a problem when the guys from Public Works asked how I planned on putting footings in the ground there. They informed me that the area was all “ledge” and to put the school in they had to do blasting. Oh great, what am I going to do now. Luckily we were able to dig deep enough for 8 of the 10 footings, pulling out tons of blasted rock as we did so. The other 2 footings now sit on top of the ledge. The Oxford Building Department found no problem with this and gave me the approval to carry on with my project as the inspected the holes for the footings.

Now I can pour concrete! Yay! The next Friday, September 1, 2007, Haynes delivered the necessary concrete to fill the 10 tube forms. The j-bolts were placed and the footings were left to harden and cure for the weekend. On Saturday, September 2, the tires for the tire climber were picked up from New England Brake and Tire.

So this is where I stand now: I have a big dirt patch with 10 concrete cylinders sticking up about 2″ from the ground and 9 tires laying there. I also have received an anonymous donation of pressure-treated wood, which now lies in my driveway. I have received a check from the Oxford PTO. I am expecting another check from my Uncle in the next few days. I will be discussing picking up large donation of wood and a large purchase from Oxford Paint and Hardware on Tuesday. Lastly, in the past few days, I have ordered the climbing wall holds from a company in Arizona and the steering wheel from Georgia.

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