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By Individual (Trays 1-7, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21 completed)
Unknown People (Please let me know by Tray/Number if you recognize them)
Bowmaster, Albert
Bowmaster, Albert Patrick (Pat)
Bowmaster, Harry Joseph
Bowmaster, Kathie (Neuschulz, Kathie Bowmaster)
Bowmaster, Mae
Bowmaster, Margaret Jane Schmitt
Brierton, Edna (Hodgkins, Edna Brierton)
Brierton, Marguerite Agatha (Schmitt, Marguerite Agatha Brierton)
Chrisman, Anna Schmitt
Chrisman, Erle
Chrisman, Robert
Chrisman, Virginia (Sinclair, Virginia Chrisman)
Collyer, Regina Ann Schmitt
Collyer, William Curtis (Curt)
Cronin, Mary Anne Mayer
Finan, Rita Marie Mayer
Hodgkins, Barbara (Smith, Barbara Hodgkins)
Hodgkins, Edna Brierton
Hodgkins, Herbert
Hurley, Janet Patricia (Schmitt, Janet Patricia Hurley)
Hurley, Terrence
Hurley, Margaret Myrtle Kappert
McGoldrick, Amy Janet Schmitt
Mayer, Charles Joseph
Mayer, Magdeline Amelia Schmitt
Mayer, Mary Anne (Cronin, Mary Anne Mayer)
Mayer, Rita Marie (Finan, Rita Marie Mayer)
Mayer, Stephen Joseph
Neuschulz, Jeff
Neuschulz, Kurt
Neuschulz, Kathie Bowmaster
Neuschulz, Stephen
Neuschulz, Susan
Neuschulz, William
Schalk, Louise Angela Schmitt
Schmitt, Amy Janet (McGoldrick, Amy Janet Schmitt)
Schmitt, Charles John
Schmitt, Anna (Chrisman, Anna Schmitt)
Schmitt, Janet Patricia Hurley
Schmitt, John Patrick
Schmitt, Louise Angela (Schalk, Louise Angela Schmitt)
Schmitt, Magdeline Amelia (Mayer, Magdeline Amelia Schmitt)
Schmitt, Margaret Jane (Bowmaster, Margaret Jane Schmitt)
Schmitt, Margaret (Meg) Marion
Schmitt, Marguerite Agatha Brierton
Schmitt, Marion (Sis) Joan
Schmitt, Regina Ann (see Collyer, Regina Ann Schmitt)
Schmitt, Rita Marie
Schmitt, William August
Schmitt, William Francis
Schmitt, William Jude
Sinclair, Nick
Sinclair, Virginia Chrisman
Smith, Barbara Hodgkins
Smith, Ed
Smith, John
Zinc, Louisa