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William A. Schmitt Slides
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Tray 1Miscellaneous from 1964 to about 1970 (149 Pictures)
(This edit removes most of Worlds Fair and adds individual links)
Tray 2William and Marguerite Schmitt 40th Wedding Anniversary (1968?)
(this edit adds some captions and drops Arlington trip)
Tray 3Mostly Margies (Pre)European Trip and Amy's Baptism
(this eliminates people standing around at the airport and pictures of cakes! - 2/5)
Tray 4Regina and Curt Collyer's Wedding - April 28, 1962
(this edit corrects the Event, adds captions and drops pictures of the flowers around his house)
Tray 5Margies Wedding, Christmas and Easter 1963
(this edit eliminates what were essentially duplicate pictures, as well as house decorations)
Tray 7Baldwin and West Hempstead Summer 62
(this edit eliminates pictures of the animals and the backs of people looking at them - 2/6)
Tray 15Margies Wedding and Shower - 1963
(this edit eliminates fuzzy pictures, too dark to see pictures, and building pictures - 2/6)
Tray 17Margies Graduation and Some Baldwin Backyard Family Pictures
(this edit eliminates fuzzy pictures, ceremony pictures with just officials or total class, and shopping for plants - 2/6)
Tray 18Summer 1968; West Hempstead, Baldwin, Hamptons
(NEW - 2/14)
Tray 19McCormack Visit July 60, Parties 60-61, Maguerite Birthday 1960, Christmas and Winters 69-62
(this edit eliminates pictures of the house, Christmas decorations, and most picture from Teacher events - 2/10)
Tray 201958-1960 Edna and Family,Ginny,Bayard Arbor,Rhodes Ave
(this edit eliminates pictures out the car window and other scenery, and indexes the individuals - 2/11)
Tray 211958-1959 Gettysburg, Kuttsville, Vermont, Parks Dept., Dance
(New - removed a lot of pictures of statues before posting - 2/14)
Schmitt - Sixties