Maria Trost

Maria Trost
+ Vladistok Schefsuga/Schaeffer
Agnes H. Schaeffer
Andrew Schaeffer
Cecilia Schaeffer
Charlotte M. Schaeffer
Edward Schaeffer
Eleanora Schaeffer
Frances Schaeffer
Frank Schaeffer
George Schaeffer
Mike Schaeffer
Rosa Schaeffer
Stanislow Schaeffer

Maria Trost was born April 22, 1862, in Martinsburg, VA. On September 25, 1878, she married Vladistok Schefshuga. They lived in the Pittsburgh area and they had at least 12 known children: Agnes H (1893), Andrew (1894), Cecilia (1899), Charlotte (1833), Edward, Eleanora (1897), Frances, Frank, George, Mike, Rosa, and Stanislow (1883).

Maria died on July 6, 1900, at the age of 38.

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